[V8] Rear Brakes

Buchholz, Steven Steven.Buchholz at kla-tencor.com
Mon Jun 5 19:18:05 EDT 2006

Thanks for the BTDT Kneale!  I've heard about that pressure bleeder before ... I will just go out and build one tonight!  Oftentimes I let creeping elegance affect me to the point that I get nothing done!  I've got an old cap ... and I'm going to run out and buy the sprayer, a fitting and line ... I know having this apparatus will help me do a better job of maintaining the fleet ...

I'm still not clear on what I need to do for that regulating valve with the spring mechanism ... I don't recall seeing much about it in the service manual ... 

I asked my BiL at the FLAPS about the brake line splices ... he wasn't aware of them ... perhaps they don't find much use here in Kaleefohnia ... he said that perhaps a NAPA store might have them ... I am really worried about the line I left in there, so I'll probably cross my fingers and hope the penetrating lube did the trick over the day today ... 

Steve B
San José, CA (USA)

... and I suspect that the k1 will be needing some major repair, so I need to get this car *AND* #344 to full function ASAP!
> Hang onto your wallet when you check the pricing on the modulator in front
> of the driver wheelwell.
> I think the rears are restricted to less fluid than the fronts in the
> output from the MC.
> I'm in the rustbelt.  I've changed rear brake hoses on our V8 #1, on our
> 4kq and on my 200q20v, and I always end up splicing in a short piece of
> hard brake line  on the passenger side because those fittings almost never
> come apart cleanly for me.  I'm doing the rear brake hoses on V8#2 later
> this week and plan on using a six-inch (or whatever shortest length it is
> available from FLAPS) splice on the passenger side.  The driver side takes
> the next longest length to replace right from the junction block into which
> it screws.
> I have an Eezibleed   http://www.rdent.com/images/eezibleed.jpg   .   If I
> hadn't already purchased that when I saw the following, I'd have made my
> own     http://www.bmw-m.net/TechProc/bleeder.htm      Wouldn't have to
> drag out the air regulator and get it turned down to 15 lbs.

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