[V8] Audi/Bose Delta II radio Question

alexander stickler a_stickler at yahoo.com
Tue Jun 6 10:25:19 EDT 2006

Now that my A/C blows cold, I'm on to the next problem
on my newly acquired V8.  

Some of my speakers do nothing, others squeal at an
annoying pitch.

I have overheard and read in other posts that the Bose
amps are usually the problem.

Are the Delta II head units pretty robust?

How do I physically remove the head unit - is there a
special tool I need to pull through the 4 front holes?

Can the Audi/Bose Delta II head unit drive a set of
conventional speakers or must they be coupled with the
Bose amps?  For that matter, the speakers, at least
the 6 x 9s in the trunk look like convetional
speakers.  Can I bypass the amps and just use 2 of the
4 wires leading to each amp to power the speakers?

I am trying to spend as little money as possible on
getting the radio working - I have an MP3 player that
can transmit to an FM band, hence no need for a CD
player or changer. Also, I don't want a flashy head
unit because I will be parking my car in a lot each
day and taking the train in the rest of the way. No
point placing 'please break in' sign on the car...

Any thoughts or recommendations on this topic would be
greatly appreciated.

Kind regards,


'90 V8Q
'83 UrQ with 3B 20VT

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