[V8] Muffler was 02

DieMarthaDie at aol.com DieMarthaDie at aol.com
Wed Jun 7 17:20:57 EDT 2006

my center muffler is now 2 'glasspack pipes from my local shop.  $120  total 
cost.sounds better, costs less :)  done 3 years ago.  no  problems.

I was actually looking to remove mine, very good shape, after  procuring a
very nice used muffler from Bruce @ Audiconnection.   Basically the stock
muffler is very heavy, I'm guessing the better part of  40 lbs.  I was
looking to remove the center to save weight and get a  more traditional V8
sound.  Bruce mentioned a few of his client had  gone that way and liked the
results.  I'd check with him for a center  if you really need one and are
thinking of used.

Thanks for all  the suggestions on the O2 sensor!  Armed with a 4ft breaker
bar, it  started to loosen at probably 1 ftlb before snapping my new  22mm
socket.  Surprisingly, I was able to remove it without  significant thread
damage on the nipple.  Spliced in the new  3-wire...car runs great...MUCH
surginess.  Now the bad  news...the center muffler is REALLY gone.
1800VWPARTS has an intact, used  OEM center section for $180 ("good for 2
years...")...anybody got any other  suggestions??  (looking for  near


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