[V8] V8 is home to Rodents

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Mon Jun 12 13:27:31 EDT 2006

Rodents will go wherever food is. Not too sure where you keep the cars 
parked, but yu might want to make sure that no food sources are in the 
cars and they aren't parked anywhere there is a field or food source 
near by. Don't poison, they tend to eat the poison and crawl into the 
most inaccessable areas of your car and die, then stink. Best method 
I've used is traps.

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Date: Monday, June 12, 2006 12:22 pm
Subject: [V8] V8 is home to Rodents
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> OK, I have had enough of performing repairs caused by mice, moles, 
> and Rabbits.
> I have tried cat solution, but the coyotes find cats to be a tasty 
> meal.  I have tried trapping, but it is a never ending battle 
> (breeding is too often).  I have tried poison with and without the 
> trapping.  The only one I have not tried is poison when I had a cat.
> Does anyone have experience with eradicating these pesky rubber, 
> wire, plastic feeders?
> The latest is the chewed washer fluid pump wires.  I also see they 
> are going to chew into the main engine wire harness on the wife's 
> allroad.
> Scott.
> '90 V8Q
> '91 V8QM
> '02 allroad 2.7T
> '03 RS6
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