[V8] Overheating - revisited

Scott DeWitt sdewitt at stx.rr.com
Sat Jun 17 10:52:29 EDT 2006

I managed to install a 18 inch pusher fan on my V8. It took the better part 
of a weekend, but worked rather well.
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> On Saturday 17 June 2006 09:22, Dave Head wrote:
>> Having had a few V8s in the family over the nearly 10 years (4 - red,
>> green, blue and white), the major reason here is a partially blocked
>> radiator. Period. The problem is poor design coupled with poor
>> maintenance. The poor design is the smaller electric fan beside the
>> large clutch fan - this causes high and low temperature spots both
>> vertically and horizontally across a crossflow. The poor maintenance is
>> due to not maintaning the proper coolant/coolant levels.
>> I've seen them partially clog in as little as 4 years. It usually takes 
>> 10.
>> Yes, there is the rare problem with a viscous fan clutch, or a
>> thermostat, or a fan speed issue. Once even excessive erosion of the
>> water pump vanes.
>> But relatively normal temps at highway speeds coupled with overheating
>> in town are nearly always the radiator on a V8.
> ************
> Agree with your opinion about the cooling system design. Even now after 
> having
> the radiator, thermostat, and fans replaced, I still see the temperature
> climb rather quickly to the 100 degree mark in stop and go traffic. It 
> hasn't
> climbed above that mark, but I hate sneaking looks at the temperature 
> gauge
> and wondering if it's going to climb into the overheating range.
> I remember a few listers stating that they had installed additional pusher
> fans to help with air flow, but when I took a look at some of the units at
> the local pep boys I'm wondering how they shoe horned them in. Any one 
> have
> any experience with that installation, or remember what brand units were
> used?
> George Tur
> 91 V8 - which I just found out is blowing warm air from the AC. Another 
> item
> to address.
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