[V8] gear shifting RPM speed

Peter Littlewood littlepete_19 at hotmail.com
Wed Jun 21 06:06:03 EDT 2006

Hi Everyone!

My best mate recently bought a 3.6 1990 V8 like mine. Its been fun because 
I've had mine 6 years and its only the third I've ever seen on the road!
However my joy was ended when I came to drive his and found it shifted gear 
a full 1000 rpm later than mine in both "E" AND "S" modes.
So I would like to know. What does yours shift at?!?
mine shifts at 4800 on kickdown in normal mode and 5800 in sports.

Is mine slow? or has my buddy got a breathed on V8


Pete Littlewood

V8 1991 3.6 auto UK spec

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