[V8] Driver's door window wire colors, and taking orders - parting 93 V8Q

Carter Johnson carterjohnson3 at yahoo.com
Mon Jun 26 19:05:48 EDT 2006

The death is looming....
  What colors are the wires for the windows and sunroof in the door?  I'm looking at the bundle - two red/black wires are cracked, but the moving them around did not make any of the windows work, and they randomly work/don't work right now, all at once.  Fun when the windows were all down for a shower today.
  As said, the death is looming.  1993 V8 Quattro, Ragusa green/tavertine.  I'm keeping the following:
  Engine/wiring harness
  brakes/strut assemblies (going to support my cousin's S4 habit)
  grill, fog lights.
  rear badges
  climate control display (going to support my cousin's S4 habit)
  All else must go.  All windows and sunroof work.  Body panels are mostly not perfect, but the fenders are ok-good.  Rust on driver's door, other door skins seem pretty good for age/milage/New England.  Rear diff works (locks up rear wheel leaving parking lots), but dirty and a little weepy.  Both front seats work and are heated, but condition can not be listed as anything other than fair to poor - they've been dyed and are cracking badly, but functional.  Bumper covers are in ok condition - rear is much better than front.  Rear lights are in good shape except crack in passenger that does not seem to leak.  Front lights are stone chipped but work well.  Front wipers work on lights.  blower motor works well, trunk liner is in good overall shape (on the trunklid), CD changer worked but now does not seem to get power.  Three speakers work - driver's the best, two rears function but not the best.  Passenger speaker is not hooked up, cannot vouch for it.  Door cards are in good
 shape.  Wood is in good shape.  Airbags not deployed, but the leather on the wheel is hurting.  All switches seem to work.  Transmission functions perfectly, has never missed a beat and has the cooler!  All glass is good - the rear window does NOT have the "quattro" defroster - not sure why - and the windshield is pitted, but whole.  

I'm willing to let most of this stuff go cheap to try to recoup some of the cost of owning this car.
  Let me know if you'd like anything.  I've tried to be (brutally) honest.  The car looks nice from 10 feet, and runs like a top, but is laden with small issues and not work fixing at this point in all honesty.  All parts are located in central RI, I travel CT/Cape often.  It dies August 1st as of now.

W. Carter Johnson
SileStone/Counterfitt of RI
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1993 V8 Quattro
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