[V8] Audi Expo 2006 Pictures! NAC

Ingo Rautenberg i.rautenberg at waratap.com
Wed Jun 28 10:44:15 EDT 2006

Well, Almost.  Since we're talking cars,  I thought I'd link to my photo
album the recent Eyes on Design Show held June 18th at the Edsel and Eleanor
Ford Estate in Grosse Pointe Shores, Michigan.  Categories this year
included Abstract Expressionism, Cubism/Futurism (1960s), Found Art, The
Traditional Hot Rod, Modernism (1950s), Motorcycles, Performance Art (Race
Cars), Pop Art (Muscle Cars), Realism (1940s), Renaissance (Classics),
Romanesque (Sports Cars), Romanticism (British). And, yes, among the 200+
cars there was even an Audi tt.  All cars are by invitation only. Proceeds
from the event benefit the Detroit Institute of Ophthalmology (DIO), a
non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation founded in 1972 in Grosse Pointe Park,
Michigan. I took half of the pics before the show even opened.


Last year I had been invited with my Urq (but it was/is nowhere near to
being ready). Click on the image and then view at Large or Original size for
best effect (It's still downsized from the original HUGE image).



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