[V8] Dirt and Dirt

Greg Furstenwerth slicerdicer at comcast.net
Wed Jun 28 12:37:10 EDT 2006

I asked in a different topic about it guess I should have just created a 
new topic.

Anyway I am wondering what the problems can be of driving the V8 on a 
dirt road I tend to say off of them. I was told by a friend that going 
on dirt roads can damage them pretty good in regards to the cvboots. He 
tore his on a S6 and was going really slow. Please advise on any btdt of 
damage and if not what you have done please. There is some pretty cool 
dirt roads around here that go to the river I would like to take my 
puppies to but am afraid :)

93 V8Q, North Bend WA

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