[V8] Audi Style [was.. Audi expo...]

Ed Kellock ekellock at gmail.com
Wed Jun 28 12:13:15 EDT 2006

I wouldn't exactly call the styling of the V8 "cutting edge".  More "3-box
done right".  But I'm not bashing it, I own two and covet another.  I'm not
overly thrilled with the new designs either.  I've driven both the newest A8
and A6 and find them to be compromised in terms of sitting properly upright
in comparison with my V8.  That is a take-away in concession to style.  But
I don't think the TT is anywhere near ugly.  It's not exactly my cup of
tea, though it's starting to grow on me to the point that I can almost
conceive of owning one down the road someday.  However, I instantly felt the
new TT is much better looking.  All for naught... my topless attention is
stolen entirely by the S4 Cabriolet.


On 6/28/06, Maurice Greven <maurice.greven at verizon.net> wrote:
> As for me, I'm "bashing" the TT. Somewhere along the road, Audi seems to
> have lost it's ability to be a fore-runner in automotive styling. If you
> take our beloved V8's, for example, mine produced in 1990 was 10+ years
> ahead of the competition in styling. There were new cars being produced in
> 2000 - 2002 that were similar to the body styling of the V8. This is why
> we
> all got so many comments like "that car is 12 years old, NO WAY"... I
> wasn't
> because I kept it so clean and shiny....
> The newer Audi's have,in my not so humble opinion, lost something as to
> the
> cutting edge of automotive style, and just running with the pack. I know
> that it's the market becomes more demanding everyday, and they must
> produce
> what sells, but the TT for example, seems to just be Audi's version of the
> Boxter. They must be selling, though, because they're out there on the
> road,
> and some must like that style. But I wouldn't even want one for free. Kind
> of like a Pug-nosed dog.
> In recap, It seems that Audi designers have lost the edge that they had in
> the 90's. I'm sure that the performance, gadgetry, interiors are all
> typical
> Audi quality, I am speaking simply of style. Very objective.
> My .02,
> Maurice '90 Pearl, all stock, (for sale is someone makes me an offer...)

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