[V8] Dirt and Dirt

dsaad at icehouse.net dsaad at icehouse.net
Wed Jun 28 15:01:09 EDT 2006

I don't know how you could hurt a boot just by driving on a dirt road. They are
pretty well covered up. If by "dirt road" you mean bashing through corn fields
or something - then the boots will be the least of your problems...

fyi most light and medium duty 4WD trucks and SUVs (like the ranger for example)
have boots and they last a long time. Some even have them on the rear.
You would have to blast into a big sagebrush or something and then take a lucky
hit to the boot.

However, I stay off the dirt whenever possible just to keep the dust out of the
A/C system and upholstery.


Quoting Greg Furstenwerth <slicerdicer at comcast.net>:

> I asked in a different topic about it guess I should have just created a
> new topic.
> Anyway I am wondering what the problems can be of driving the V8 on a
> dirt road I tend to say off of them. I was told by a friend that going
> on dirt roads can damage them pretty good in regards to the cvboots. He
> tore his on a S6 and was going really slow. Please advise on any btdt of
> damage and if not what you have done please. There is some pretty cool
> dirt roads around here that go to the river I would like to take my
> puppies to but am afraid :)
> 93 V8Q, North Bend WA
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