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Hi Scott,
I find them regularly praising Audi for interior design and materials, and for overall quality, but they don't always rank #1 in comparisons.  The overall styling of the TT, in particular, has almost always been praised.  Recent issues of Autoweek and Automobile have been pretty Audi-favorable IMO.  The A3 got raves from longterm tests, but also questions about its cost-of-entry level, which I agree is pretty high.  The "S" cars generally get very good reviews, as total cars, but not always as the fastest or most overt.  
Personally, I like that Audi styling has stayed fairly conservative myself.  I agree that the V8Q isn't some standout style machine - and I'm VERY glad for it.  It's an elegant, smooth, sedan in a conservative style, that can be dressed up easily with wheels and other personal touches.  I don't have any interest in being 'seen' when I drive, unless its someone that likes the V8 in, and not the badge on, my car, if you know what I mean.  I've actually had 3 different people comment on my V8 in the last week (which was weird...) all saying how much they liked the styling.  One thought it was an A8 one a 5000... so you can't win em all ;) 
Audi and MB have both had some issues with reliability lately, and MB was taken to task in Automobile for it in a pretty big article.  Audi seems to be given some slack in that area, considering the number of people I know that have problems with models in the 2000-2006 years.  Ditto on VW.  
Only BMW seems to be getting a consistent pass in my eyes - the only fault any car magazine seems to find with BMWs is the iDrive system, and sometimes the hideous styling of Chris Bangle...  Consumer Reports has a slightly different view of reliability ;)  
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Has anyone noticed the lack of praise for anything Audi in the mainstream trade 

Car & Driver, Motor Trend, Auto Week and Road & Track all give the normal 
reviews of the newest offerings from Inglostadt, but I find "Automobile" to be 
the least biased.  The latest is the review of the 2008 TT, a decent review 
until the last 2 paragraphs.

Is it me not seeing what they see?  Should we coin the phrase "It's an Audi 
thing"?  In no way should this be confused with the "Jeep Thing" phrase.


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I believe they're bashing the TT, although not a stock one.

Seriously though, there are way uglier cars to quibble about without 
on one of our own.


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