[V8] How many miles is too many miles?

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The v8 engine doesn't last nearly as long as it's 5 cylinder bretheren, probably due to the different block material. most v8's I've seen over 200K are borderline smokers and have started using a bit of oil.There was one 92 I had  a chance to evaluate that had meticulous records, with 230K miles that didn't smoke or use oil.

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Subject: [V8] How many miles is too many miles? 
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> Despite my complaining a week ago about the scarceness of V8s for 
> sale, I 
> see that this is another one for sale in Hotlanta. This one is a 
> '93 and is 
> the coveted (by me) black on black. VERY high miles...almost 
> 200,000, but 
> the pictures make it look very nice indeed. 
> Soooo. Question of theory. How many miles are simply too many miles? 
> Now the particular car that I am speaking of has been for sale by 
> the same 
> owner/dealer before. In fact, if memory serves, the car has been 
> availablefor about two years as of now, and I suspect more than 
> that. I can't 
> remember if I ran a Carfax on this V8 before, but if memory 
> serves, it has 
> had only two owners in the 190,000 miles of its life. 
> Still and all it looks quite nice. So, here's the deal. Suppose 
> that some 
> Audi Fan bought this one with the idea that the fool boat of 
> maintenanceissues and schedules were going to have to be completed 
> if not immediately, 
> over time: in the humble, or not so humble opinion of those on 
> this list, 
> how many miles would be too many miles to start with? 
> Roger 
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