[V8] Mass Air Flow Sensor

John Dodd jidodd at shaw.ca
Thu Mar 2 23:12:39 EST 2006

Jeff ,my MAF shows the same voltages as yours.
Did you try to read the codes ?
I'm curious if you even get the same code as me(mixture adaptation
problem )
My car idles poorly after warming up but only when in gear. Seems to
surge also.
I bought a used MAF from a lister here but the problem has not been
solved. I wish I could try one that is good for sure.
Please let me know if you find one that works and if it cures the issue.
I've been frustrated now for 2 months.
At one time there was a talk about having(like a group buy) a pool of
sensors that can be send from person to person to help in

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