[V8] Mass Air Flow Sensor

Jeff Goldberg jgoldberg at ntelos.net
Fri Mar 3 06:37:51 EST 2006

I've been told that the voltages are OK and that the important fact
is that they are responding to throttle.  My problem occurs at 75c
and the car runs so bad it can't be driven.  It misses, won't rev,
backfires and generally won't run.  I've tried running with ECT and
OXS unplugged with the same symptoms.  I have one code that reoccurs
2111 - RPM sensor.  I cleared the codes yesterday and verified 4444
with the engine running cold.  I checked them again while driving as
soon as it started to miss and found 2111 set again.  I too would
like to try a known good MAF, but I believe it won't help.  It was
suggested to swap the RPM and reference sensor.  I'm going to do
that this weekend just for fun.  I am at loss for what to check
next.  It amazes me that the car runs so well cold and I can barely
coax it home after it warms up.


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Jeff ,my MAF shows the same voltages as yours.
Did you try to read the codes ?
I'm curious if you even get the same code as me(mixture adaptation
problem )
My car idles poorly after warming up but only when in gear. Seems to
surge also.
I bought a used MAF from a lister here but the problem has not been
solved. I wish I could try one that is good for sure.
Please let me know if you find one that works and if it cures the
I've been frustrated now for 2 months.
At one time there was a talk about having(like a group buy) a pool
sensors that can be send from person to person to help in
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