[V8] [s-cars] Attention AOL users

Djdawson2 at aol.com Djdawson2 at aol.com
Sat Mar 4 16:05:43 EST 2006

In a message dated 3/4/2006 1:47:41 PM Mountain Standard Time,  
kentmclean at mindspring.com writes:

Impossible? No.  Inconvenient, maybe.  

Treat it as  you would if you had to move to a new location due 
to growth.  Make  the announcement in advance (I'm switching
from AOL to newISP), let them  know a) at the start of the switch 
(I can new be reached at me at newISP) and  at the end (my AOL 
account will no longer be  active).

What you're saying is true.  Problem is, I don't even know who all the  folks 
are that may want to contact me...  Taking on that task just isn't  that 
important to me.  I keep giving business folks my business email...  and figure 
that at some point, they will all be converted.
Heck, retirement should only be a few years away!

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