[V8] Code reader doo-dad

Mike Arman Armanmik at earthlink.net
Sat Mar 4 17:21:21 EST 2006

Got an OBD-II code reader for my wife's M*zda, $40 at Harbor Freight,
dang thing has the full list of codes, even works!

Thought about how nice it would be not to have to lie on my belly trying
to blink out cryptic codes on my V-8 by chanting mystical numbers (and
undoubtedly wearing a tinfoil cap), saw the message about "liberating"
an OBD socket from the junkyard and wiring it to the floor connectors,
and was at the verge of doing it. Take half a Saturday, wear old
clothes, slog through the mud, feed mosquitoes, poke into wrecked cars
looking for exactly - I hope - what I need, remove, pay, go home, clean
up, stand on my head half a day making connections, find a place to tuck
away the kludged wires, ahh, such fun . . .

New copy of Nuts & Volts magazine arrived (electronics tinkerer
magazine), had an ad for "www.OBD2cables.com" so I went and looked.

Audi 2+2 Pin to J1962F cable - my OBD reader plugs into one end, the
other end plugs into the car, fits *perfectly* - $9.95 plus $2.07
postage, delivered right to the door by smiling postman, $12.02 in five
days, no fuss or bother. End of problem.

No affiliation, but it sure is nice to have something go easy once in a

Best Regards,

Mike Arman

V8Q, DOT required placard, display on dash, "Warning! This vehicle
distorts space and time in its immediate vicinity."

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