[V8] Cold Start

bob moy mmodels at hotmail.com
Mon Mar 6 06:22:59 EST 2006

The I5 engine uses CIS while the V8 uses EFI (electronic fuel injection).  
The V8 uses the crank position sensor signal to determine the sequence of 
firing the injectors.  Which is why a bad crank position sensor would also 
cause a no start condition if it is defective.  Once the engine is running 
if the crank position should go bad then the ECU will default to a value 
when the engine was started. The engine will remain running until you turn 
it off, but then it will not start until the signal is restored.


Michele_Deltergo at keybank.com wrote:
>Going through the Bentley, there doesn't seem to be a cold start valve like 
>the I5's.  My car cranks about 2-3 seconds when cold before catching. New 
>FP/FPR + filter.

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