[V8] RPM sensor (was Mass Air Flow Sensor)

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I think I'm going to chance it for a while and leave the old sensors
in their new locations...if it ain't broke... It was suggested that
the problem may have been a faulty connection and simply unplugging
and reconnecting may have cured the problem, however the temperature
issue probably indicates new sensors will be needed soon. 


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... and that is the main point ... don't consider this more than a
temporary reprieve.  It is been my experience and that of others
that once one sensor fails the other will not be far behind.  

What you will experience with the faulty sensor in the reference
position is that the car will start and run just fine, but you will
have problems starting the car when hot.  

The I-5 engines will stop running if either sensor stops working,
but since the V8 has an even number of cylinders; once it gets
started it will continue to run, even without the reference sender
working at all.  The sensor on the distributor also provides a
similar reference.

Steve B
San José, CA (USA)
> I like a happy ending!
> Even if you replace both sensors, you are at a small fraction of
the cost of
> paying someone else to mis-diagnose, replace parts, re-diagnose,
> parts,
> lather - rinse - repeat until the real culprit is found.
> I remember a rumor from a while back that another sensor from an
I5 motor was
> physically similar and worked OK but it had a longer cable on it
or something
> like that, but it was quite a bit cheaper. Perhaps worth looking
into if the
> price difference is big enough.
> Dave
> Quoting Jeff Goldberg <jgoldberg at ntelos.net>:
> > Swapping the RPM sensor with Reference Sensor solved my problem!
> > sensors were a little dirty on the sides, but not the business
> > from a distributor oil leak.  I cleaned them up and swapped
> > locations and connectors. The car is running great.
> >
> > I checked the flywheel as well. '91 Audi still has all its
> >
> > I am a little curious as to the symptoms of a failing reference
> > sensor as this should now be my problem, however the car seems
> > run fine and codes 4444.

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