[V8] (Long) Cold start(s)

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Mon Mar 6 17:39:20 EST 2006

 Hi Mike,
 Hope all has gone well with your
 efforts in finding the troubles
 you were experiencing reversing.

 About the long cold starts.
 My starts (I felt) also were long 
 compared to other cars I owned.
 Including earlier Audis.

 And remember reading some posts
 on this subject shortly after my
 same initial thoughts - But some 
 of the more experienced owners 
 felt longish starting was a normal 
 for this model.

 The other thing I could add is that
 weak batteries - can also cause this.
 Having enough power to spin up the 
 motor -- but little left in reserve to 
 energize the ignition or fuel systems.

 This condition sometimes makes it self
 evident by the car starting just as you
 release the key from the full cranking 
 position - allowing the secondary circuits
 more power.

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>  Date: Sat, 4 Mar 2006 09:55:41 -0500
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>  Subject: [V8] Cold start
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>  Going through the Bentley, there doesn't seem to be a cold start valve like
>  the I5's.  My car cranks about 2-3 seconds when cold before catching.
>  New FP/FPR + filter.  Starts vy quickly when warm, just trying to diagnose
>  the longer cold times. Starter turns the engine vy well. Ideas?
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