[V8] 90 V8Q -MA failed emissions test

RICHARD ROMERO richromero1 at msn.com
Fri Mar 10 10:47:16 EST 2006

Hello all,

Do you guys in MA or elsewhere have problems passing the state emissions 
test?  I came 5-10 points over the limit for hydrocarbons.  I found I have a 
small leak in the resonator (muffler)- the one forward the rear muffler).  I 
t seems the test here in MA has had major problems- "failing cars".
I passed with flying colors 2 yrs ago.  I recently changed the TB, OX 
sensor, plugs, oil, air cleaner- but I don't know if this affects 
hydrocarbons.  I heard the money is in the exhaust system- eg. the cat, 
leaks.  Someone told me to run the gas tank to a gallon or 2 and put in 
several bottles of dry gas and premium fuel-to help the engine run 
"cleaner".  Any help out there?

90 V8Q

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