[V8] Noise that is driving me absolutely CRAZY!!

jpb3 jpburns3 at gmail.com
Mon Mar 20 09:16:44 EST 2006

Did you replace the oil pump bearing during your T-belt service?  If not I
would bet this is the noise.
Don't ask me how I know ;(


On 3/19/06, kyle leatherwood <kyle_leatherwood at hotmail.com> wrote:
> Ok everyone.  I have officially gotten tired of hearing this abnormal
> noise
> that my 91 V8 5 speed makes.  This noise ONLY appears when the engine gets
> to operating temperature. Between startup and operating temp, the engine
> is
> as quiet as a mouse (a tiny bit of lifter tick on occasion).  This noise
> sounds like there is a freaking diesel engine under the hood.  Engine has
> had entire t-belt service done with new bearings and rollers all
> around.  I
> have pulled both valve covers and checked cam chains, they are great.  I
> have pulled off the serp belt to eliminate accessory noise.  Odd thing is
> that Mark Willoughby's 4.2 5 speed makes the exact same noise.  Keith at
> Germanautoconnection says he rebuilt the entire valve train on a 4.2 once
> to
> try and eliminate the noise, but to no avail and told me not to worry
> about
> it.  Car drives beautifully, no loss of power of any kind.  AARRGG.
> Anyway, as anal and picky as I am about my vehicles, this noise is driving
> me nuts, so I must find out what is causing it.  My 1990 with 130,000
> miles
> makes no noise whatsoever, and this one only has 116,000 on it.
> Has anyone out there run into this and found out what it is??
> Any help with finding this out will save my sanity in driving this
> wonderful
> vehicle.
> thanks,
> Kyle
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