[V8] Noise that is driving me absolutely CRAZY!!

Maurice Greven maurice.greven at verizon.net
Mon Mar 20 21:01:45 EST 2006

Mine did the exact thing AFTER the very expensive t-belt job at 125k miles.
(also however does it when cold...) I just figured I'd let it think it was a
diesel at idle. (new technology, diesel at idle gasoline at high speed. Kind
a forerunner to hybrid...) Now I have 185k ready for a new t-belt and I WILL
do the oil pump bearing.. from this subject in the past, that seemed to be
the consensus....

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> Well,
> The oil pump bearing was replaced when the t-belt service was done.  The
> noise is not lifters, but does seem to be more amplified when pulling the
> drivers side timing belt cover.  Sounded at first like it was the
> hydraulic
> pump, but pulled the accessory belt to see if that was it. noise is still
> there.  I have taken a stethoscope and tried to pinpoint the location to
> no
> avail. the noise sounds like it is coming from all over the engine.  I'm
> sure is is being amplified by something to make it sound like this.
> Anyway, I was just hoping someone out there had possibly run into this
> before.
> Thanks,
> Kyle
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> >Kyle,
> >
> >Sorry to hear about your aggravating little problem. I hate extraneous
> >noises, too! Unfortunately, without us coming by to see you, it's pretty
> >much impossible to help.  However, if you could record the noise and
> upload
> >it to your webpage for us to listen to, we might be able to help.
> >Otherwise, as Kent pointed out, I would use one of those mechanics
> >stethoscopes to help pinpoint the noise.  By "sounds like a diesel" do
> you
> >mean all the lifters are ticking very loudly?  If so, I'd experiment with
> >different weight or type of motor oil.  What are you running now?
> >Obviously, as you say, this only manifests itself when the engine has
> >warmed
> >up.
> >
> >Ingo
> >
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