[V8] Cat wheezing starter

cobram at juno.com cobram at juno.com
Mon Mar 27 22:37:36 EST 2006

I had to replace my flywheel after ignoring the problem.  I would
occasionally get the "bendix not actuating" noise and ignored it, 4 or 5
months later I had to replace the flywheel because of a slight case of
"Alfred E Neuman" syndrome.  A couple of half stripped teeth and the
reference signal gets too far out of range and that's all she wrote.  I
traced the problem to the starter, which had worn a bit at the shaft and
was engaging the flywheel teeth a bit cocked.  Just enough to chip a few
of them.
I'd pull the starter and check it, and the flywheel teeth.  

You may not think messing up a pair of $40 shoes is such a big deal, but
you have to realize my father's car only cost $65!

Mark Kalbskopf <gbmarc at cox.net> writes:
> Every 3 months or so, I would turn the key and instead of cranking  
> over, I would get this wheezing sound like a cat who's eaten too 
> much grass.
> A couple of tries later and the engine would crank over like 
> normal.
> Now this is happening every other day so I guess my time is running 
> out.
> Is this the pinion on the starter wearing out or what?
> (I don't want to hear it's my flywheel!!)

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