[V8] idlle /driving problem continues

dsaad at icehouse.net dsaad at icehouse.net
Fri Mar 31 10:46:13 EST 2006

The snapping is interesting -
The fluid level sensor wires cannot make a sound like this - unless you have a
serious short circuit somewhere - and this would be obvious by the fire under
the hood, but I suspect your ignition coil is cracked or has a secondary leak
somewhere. The snap is the spark going somewhere it should not. You might try
removing thr left coil and giving it a careful inspection, and maybe even swap
it with the right side.
The resulting misfire from a bad coil will cause the mixture problem.


Quoting John Dodd <jidodd at shaw.ca>:

> Today, finally I received the new FPR. Of course it did not solve the
> problem as one of you already mentioned.
> To review: idle fluctuates and especially in drive it's much worse.I can
> drive the car but at times it feels like I'm pulled back by some
> invisible force.It's getting worse so in the last 3 months I drove it
> to work 3 times or so.
> The code is 2413, mixture adaptation out of range.
> Since the problem started I also hear a snapping sound from the driver
> side so I decided to remove the distributor to inspect the area.In the
> process I touched the brake fluid level  electrical connector and it
> made the exact same sound.So I said here is the source of that stupid
> sound.Put everything back together started the engine and  the snapping
> sound is back on even when I applied some pressure to the connector.
> Still have no clue on the cause.
> Parts I've changed so far  that made no difference
> Ignition wires, MAF(used one so who knows),new  caps (no rotors yet) O2
> sensor almost new ,FPR .
> Any idea what to do next ?
> Thanks
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