[V8] Headliner replacement?

Karl D. Middlebrooks coalblacksmith at gmail.com
Mon May 1 16:57:19 EDT 2006

My original email to the list appears to have bounced, so I apologize if 
it comes through twice.

My 5-year old daughter is tired of having the orange gunk from V8 #1 
falling on her head where the headliner fabric was cut away so that I 
could actually use my rear window. In order to keep her happy and to 
stop the car from looking quite so...well...like it ought to be parked 
in front of a single-wide trailer home next to an old Camaro with a 
primer-colored left front quarter panel and bald tires, I'm going to 
attempt to get the headliner replaced this week.

However...if I'm reading the Bentley correctly, it appears that you 
can't get the headliner panel out of the car without destroying it. Is 
this true? It seems like a waste. If I can't get the old panel out 
without destroying it, where do I get a replacement panel? Any BTDT 
before I dismantle the interior of the car?

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