[V8] learned something about drivetrain wobbles today

Mike LaRosa mrmotoguzzi00 at yahoo.com
Wed May 3 18:14:38 EDT 2006

got a 93 100 csqa with 200k+ miles, looks kinda ratty
with half the door mouldings gone and some surface
rust.... but runs like a champ and everything but the
cruise works ;)  even the seat heaters!

been hearing and lately feeling a drivetrain out of
balance thing....

finally took a look today, put all 4 wheels up on jack
stands and started poking and prodding under there...

shook the wheels looking for bad wheel bearings..  one
moved... hhhhmmmmmm lo and behold i had a wheel with
loose lugnuts!  argh, a few weeks back i had rotated
the tires.  It's not like me to screw up something so
easy, okay so most of the time :) I torque everything,
then do a one more time around the whole car.  I
distinctly remember doing it...  hhhmmmmmm

The difference this time is that I used a deep socket
this time instead of a standard socket. 

I forgot to add in the flex of the socket when i
torqued it all down.  I checked them all with the deep
socket and most where at 80+ ftlbs.

Then i went over it again with the normal socket, 
just a bit under 70 ftlbs they started to turn.


Beware Kids,  I got lucky, no tires passing me on the
highway :)


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