[V8] Alternator

dsaad at icehouse.net dsaad at icehouse.net
Thu May 4 10:12:16 EDT 2006

I found a big difference when the damper was removed. Maybe this is why your
adjuster nut is stripped out? If you don't remove the damper, you have to keep a
steady force on the nut while the adjuster slowly moves. Very difficult to do.
I wonder also if you have a problem with the pivot point of the tensioner?
I seem to recall it is a plastic bushing, but I greased mine when I did the

As with all jobs on this car, there are a lot of steps to this job, but if you
do them all without trying to take shortcuts, you will be successful.


> The serpentine belt tensioner system's 13mm "nut" for putting slack in the
> belt takes quite a bit of force.  If you can get a 13mm 6-point box end on
> it instead of a 12-point, you stand less chance of stripping the corners on
> the "nut"  Both our V8s have bad corners on that fixture.  I can only
> manipulate the spring it moves if I use a 6-point wrench.  I didn't see any
> change in the amount of force required after I took the damper bolt out.
> The plate with that fixture on it is listed in ETKA as a separate part, but
> I'm wondering about the danger of the spring tension you'd have to relieve
> and reestablish to replace it.

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