[V8] Passenger Side Timing Belt Cover

Gunter Lorberg glforensic at yahoo.com
Mon May 8 00:01:05 EDT 2006

BTDT as well.  The TB cover is strong and will likely survive this problem.  I ended up using a dremel tool with a relatively small metal grinding bit to grind away the head of the stripped bolt.  Once that was done, the cover came off and the remainder of the bolt unscrewed remarkably easily after using PB and simple vice grips.  Took nearly a week to get the replacement bolt from the dealer.
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AAAARRRRGGHGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Well I feel better.  Just in case, anyone out there have or know of a good price on the passenger side timing belt cover for the 1990 V-8/Q?  After getting everything off, the one 12mm bolt under the tensioner is thoroughly stripped.  Have tried PB break free, hammers, chisels, cussing, and even cheap whiskey.  Am getting somewhat worried about breaking the cover, so may be a good idea to find a spare if they even exist outside of the dealer.  Or, barring that may just go back to the hammer and chisel on the bolt.  Any ideas?

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