[V8] GTG Keith Tacket write up

Ron Wainwright ron_01056 at yahoo.com
Mon May 8 23:56:35 EDT 2006


 Man I'm telling you they came from far & wide to show
Keith there support.

Tim from Michigan talk about crazy with his pregnant
fiance & 2 incredibly GREAT sons. I hope he learned
allot about his car & how special they are. Tim's a
very nice guy & should have allot to contribute to
listers. Hey Tim how was the Ocean?

Scott M talk about crazy huh he went to Wash State to
pick up a MINT 91 5spd & brought it to Virginia to be
ogled at. & it got it's time in the spot light. I mean
if you figure it out the car had under 57K before the
trip from Wash State he probably put on more K's than
the original owner put on it in a 3 month period.
Beautiful condition & it shows that the 60K are

 Kyle L a most impressive 91 Pearl 5spd. This car is a
great example of the owner. Kyle is a great guy &
seemed to be very personable. Not to mention I hear
his woman is hot as hell. How's that happen? LOL

Scott H a very nice 93 4.2. I didn't get a lot of
opportunity to talk with Scott but was glad he make to
the pilgrimage to Suffolk.

Bob T 93 4.2 nice guy great looking car + you have to
like a guy who wears Birkenstock.

Mark "Baldy" W I mean this guy is the greatest, funny
as all get out with a great sense of humor. I can't
comment on his car cas it was invisible.

OK "little" Keith A what a great kid he is. Must have
had the greatest job on this Earth. But I know he
learned all he could while he had the opportunity.
Nice 90 Pear V8, but he all so has a little 90Q 10Vt
project. Building that stroker motor for later use
will give a huge smile.

 OK now time for Dave C didn't think I was going to
forget about you did you LOL. But for my money Dave's
car is the most stunning Audi V8Q I have ever seen!
Hands down! & I mean no offense to anyone else who's
under the impression that they have the nicest V8 out
there. That includes you West Coast guys ;-) East
Coast baby. That Alpine White base paint is brilliant
pics don't even do the car justice. I couldn't believe
my eyes. That rear spoiler of his is the most
Uberlicious thing I've seen.
 & he & his Porsche bud get the award for tent
engineering. As they used my 2 room tent on Sat night

Bruce aka "Mr Rome". I mean the man who started the
whole Audiconn mess a lousy 5k non Q non Turbo started
this whole mess. Everyone say "Thanks Bruce" heart
 But his hospitality was unmatched.

 & finally the Picasso of cars Mr Tackett. I hope you
had a good time Keith I know me & my friends did LOL.
 Lots of you guys know Keith so I don't have to go
into this whole big thing about how he is a great
mechanic & such & lots have allowed him to work on
your cars over the years but,
 me being the kinda guy who would rather die than let
someone else touch there car, would after this
weekend. I came to the conclusion that Keith Tackett
could work on my car & I would feel comfy in letting
him do so. He deserves great respect for his vision, &
his heart & I only wish I had owned a V8 sooner to
have maybe learned from his wisdom.

 Well till the next Keith Tackett GTG keep well
Ron 'das wit Ma$$ AudiConn' W
90 80Q 20Vt AAN project
90 V8Q 3.6 not stock
93 V8Q 4.2 "The Green Monster"
& a Porsche 944

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