[V8] ABS Problem?

Jeremy Ward jward.v8 at gmail.com
Wed May 10 23:50:30 EDT 2006

Pulled the wheels (rotated the tires while I was at it) and the rotors spin
freely all around.  Fronts like butta, rears have a bit more resistance.
Front pads were replaced last fall (with bomb, brake lines, fluid).  Rear
pads are low, but have some life left.

I cleaned all 4 ABS sensors while I was in there.

Red parking brake light is on constantly, orange AntiLock Off (abs) is not.
Antilock Off light lights up when I remove the ABS relay in pass footwell
and when I press the button in the dash to turn it off.

Parking brake works as normal.  If I am driving and pull it, the car slows
way down.  It ratchets like normal and holds the car still when parked.

Car coasts pretty well (normally?) when you take your foot off the gas, but
I would guess I should replace the pads / lube the pins on the rears this
summer.  I don't think they are frozen however.

The pulsing when I step on the brakes has me puzzled...  The microfiche
shows a special test jig for testing the ABS system.  SJM shows ABS codes in
the transmission section, but they all are for the ABS sensors.  I should
blink them anyway.

Any additional thoughts?

Thanks for the cumulative brain power!  :-)


- Jeremy

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On Wednesday 10 May 2006 19:46, Jeremy Ward wrote:
snipped stuff...
> Tried turning off the ABS switch on the dash - no difference.  Checked all
> the fuses - good.  Pulled the ABS relay - its fuse was good and the orange
> AntiLock Off light came on.


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