[V8] Check engine light, OXS light, and "brake" light

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Tue May 16 11:12:52 EDT 2006

I am pretty sure I read this in the tech training manual, but it really applies
to any fuel injected car -

Basically, you are out of gas when there is two gallons of fuel in the tank.
The reason is that you can suck air as the gas sloshes around, and as pointed
out earlier, the fuel acts as coolant to prevent vapor lock.
Of course you can continue to drive until the motor stops if you want...


Quoting cobram at juno.com:

> Tim Hollister <grey_wolf_x at yahoo.com> writes:
> > lol now I ran the v8 out of fuel the day I brought it home <fuel
> > gauge didnt work> and it took 21
> > gal to fill it. now I have driven to the last red line and it still
> > runs BUT I am hightailing it
> > for a gas station at that point.
> Both my V8Q's only take a little over 17 gallons at the bottom of the
> gauge, so you've got at least 3 gallons before you're in the dead zone.
> Shouldn't run it this low too often, the fuel acts as a coolant for the
> pump,  theoretically reduces the life of the fuel pump running it close
> to the wall too often.
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