[V8] V8 window switch error

Greg Furstenwerth slicerdicer at comcast.net
Mon May 22 15:51:47 EDT 2006

Ok here is the deal. I had a almost identical problem. After searching 
through all the wires for a broken wire I became stumped. I checked the 
relay it was fine. I am going to copy some excerpts from my older posts 
about the same topic.


Ohh sorry forgot to mention. If you go to drivers side test the wires
with a multimeter there and get voltage on both sides then more than
likely its the switch. You can take it apart and clean the contacts I
used a strait edge razor. You can try this as well be careful when
opening the switch not to break the housing though use small screwdriver
or something.


Ok I have done further testing with this. If you were to crack open your
handle and take a look at the wires.

|1   ----2    |3
     |4  |5

It would look something like that for the connector between the switch
and the wires. I put numbers by them for ease of reading sake.

1 and 2 joined creates 11.89volts same with 2 and 3. I tested this with
volt meter. Now if I take a wire and join 1 and 4 and 2 and 5 the window
will go up and if I reverse the 4 and 5 wires it goes down. I may be off
on what way I did this but I am saying I can manually make the
connections by hand with the wires. This leads me to think its just a
switch problem.... But if it is a switch problem then why on earth would
a switch from both backseats not work nor switching around the drivers
side switches. This is a odd problem I do say so.

Upside is I know I am getting power and manually creating the circuit I
can make the windows go up and down! This is very exciting right now for
me cause I actually got it to go up and down by creating a circuit! next
step that I am going to do is dismantle the driverside switch and
passenger switch and make sure there is no corrosion in them or some
other funkyness. If this is the case I will clean it and yay.

As to note the drivers side rear window would not work from there but
the drivers door could roll it up and down so I cleaned the switch and
it works now.


Kent McLean wrote:
> Massár Attila Valter wrote:
>> Thank you! I find the two links.
>> My problem is more complicated. :) :(
>> The left front window is ok, but the others are not working.
>> And when I push any of the driver side switches,
>> (of course except the left front) the lamps in the instrument
>> table (arm holder) are off, and nothing happends.
>> I suspect the error is in the big switch table in
>> the arm holder, but I'm not sure.
>> I tryed to resolve the circuit digram, but I can't understand,
>> the logic of that. 4 pages only the power window... :)
>> I can't follow the lines. :(
> I still think the problem is broken wires inside the rubber
> accordian boot between the driver's door and the body/jamb.
> The switches switch ground, so that in one direction they
> provide 12V power, and in the other they act as ground/earth.
> Open up that rubber boot and look for a) broken wires, and
> b) broken insulation with weakened wires.  If the wires on
> the driver's side are OK, make the same check on the
> passenger side door. 
>> What do you think? If I write to a mailing list, do I have
>> any chance to get solution?
> Yes. Your chances are much better than relying on just me. :)
> More heads to work on the problem, more ideas to fix it.

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