[V8] Replaced the High Pressure Hose to the Rack

Moy, Bob bob.moy at cte.aecom.com
Mon May 22 17:15:14 EDT 2006


Finally got around to replacing the high pressure hose from the pump to
the rack (rack side).  

Here is a short summary of what I did to replace the hose.


1. Drain the reservior tank of Pentsoin (used a hand pump from Harbor

2. Removed left side air intake to air box

3. Remove air box (cover, filter and the box itself) 

4. Removed Left side (driver side) ignition module two 10mm bolts

5. Removed left side distributor cap two 8mm bolts or slotted screw
driver.  Nothing else has to be removed.

6. Using a 19mm boxed end obstruction wrench (similar to
fmt=jpeg ) remove banjo bolt.   

7. Replace with new hose

8. Wrap a piece of string around banjo bolt.

9. line up the banjo with the rack and pull the string to get the banjo
bolt started (I was lucky and got the banjo bolt to screw into the rack
on the first try). Position hose as close to engine firewall as possible
and tighten banjo bolt.  Connect the other side to the hard line.

10. Replace ignition module

11. Replace distributor cap

12. Start engine and check for leaks

13. Replace air filter box, air filter cover and air intake.

14. Cleanup and relax with a nice cold one.  


Total time from start to finish 1-1/2 hours.


HTH anyone else needing to do this job.  I remember that this was a pita
with my old 5000 CSTQ, but since Audi went to using o rings instead of
the crushed washers the job appears to be a lot easier.


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