[V8] body parts anyone?

Moy, Bob bob.moy at cte.aecom.com
Thu May 25 15:01:42 EDT 2006

I don't believe that you can re-ring these engines.  There is a coating
on the cylinder walls which is applied after the casting of the aluminum
block. In order to re-ring you will have to hone the cylinder walls
which will remove this coating.  Unlike earlier aluminum block which
used a steel liner these engines doesn't have a steel liner.  This is
why no one list replacement rings for this engine.


BMW V8 in the mid 1990's also used a coating which was referred to as
Nikasil engine.  These engines soon developed low compression due to
gasoline with high sulphur content.  Many of these engines were
replaced, by BMW after a leak down test was performed with an Alusil


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