[V8] honing/ringing a V8

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Fri May 26 11:28:57 EDT 2006

I guess it all depends on the deal you get on the replacement motor, and what
condition it is in. In the end, you have a used motor.
If your goal is a bigger motor then you have no choice but to replace.
If you rebuild, you get to start over fresh again.
Personally I am more comfortable fixing what I have.

I certainly would have expected mine to last much longer than it did, but I
really suspect it had some sort of trauma (like a severe overheat) in its
previous life. You really never know what you are getting with a used part.

For example, this used motor I am looking at has almost identical mileage to
mine. Judging only by the plugs, it seems to be in good shape, but looking in
the oil fill hole, and on the dipstick, I see evidence of sludge. My motor is
squeaky clean inside. I use Delo 400 oil, and was told the servicing dealer also
did for the previous owner.
The overall condition of the car I am looking at is "trashed". Clearly the owner
did not care about this car any more.

I guess the strangest thing about mine is how long it has lasted for me, if in
fact it was cooked by the previous owner. Looking back though, I have always had
the oil usage problem, it is just getting more noticable now.


Quoting Carter Johnson <carterjohnson3 at yahoo.com>:

>   Gents,
>   Perhaps I'm being a bit pragmatic, but for the price of rebuilding a spent
> 3.6 or 4.2, could you not purchase a newer ABZ 4.2 and install that?
>   That was/is my plan for the 4.2 Ur - when the 24x,000 mile 4.2 ABH goes
> finally, I'll look for a 4.2 ABZ, which - according to my evil outlook -
> should be plentiful in 5 years when A8's become the new V8 Quattro of the
> 20-teens.  More plentiful than 90 3.6's (and certainly everything that
> follows) and there are quite a few up for sale cheap cheap.
>   Carter
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