[V8] Idle question

Tim Hollister grey_wolf_x at yahoo.com
Wed May 31 19:54:25 EDT 2006

since I have had this car the idle has always been a tad low but smooth. low being the second mark
on the tach ~ 550 rpm. Now it is idling just barely above the first mark by aboy a needles width.
still idles stable, no surging, idles smooth but you can tell it is a touch low. In heavy traffic
with ac on (eg car hot 110 deg and idling with ac on) oil pressure drops very low and batt light
(low voltage warning) comes on till you drop it in neutral and rev it a touch. idle will return to
same point but oil and bat are fine till next stop. Does this sound like a stabilization control
or valve issue? Low idle is constant at operating temp with no issues beyond that till it gets
hot. cold idle is around 1000 rpm.

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