[V8] Restarting when warm

Dustin Carter dustin.carter at lycos.com
Wed May 31 21:10:59 EDT 2006

Hi Guys,

I've got a bit of a problem.  Sunday I was headed on a trip up to some wineries when all of a sudden
the car up and dies.  Up to this point it had been running great.  I was kind of hot footing it
through a nice twisty section and had just backed off and resumed a more appropriate pace when the
problem occurred.  I had a problem with these exact symptoms a while back which turned out to be the fuel pump.  So I took a guess that this might be the case again.  After rolling the beast
off of the flatbed I decided to see if it would start.  Much to my surprise and thoughts of ensuing
unpleasantness, she started right up.  I pulled it into the garage, shut it down and tried to start
'er again...started just fine.  So, Monday rolls around and I decide I'd better see if a trip is
possible as I'll have to leave my house at 4:30am Tuesday morning to take my friend back to the
airport.  Started and ran just fine...for a little while.

Observations while trying to get back to the house:

1. Engine seems really warm
2. Upper rad house is very hot, lower is quite cool
3. Pulling codes reveals a 2111

I pulled the t-stat out to verify that it would open in a pot of boiling water...it does.  I removed
the speed and crank angle sensors, cleaned them up, tested resistance (1k seen of DMM) and
reinstalled them.  I swapped one for the other when installing them.  Now the car seems to run just
fine...at least in the garage (I haven't taken a road test as yet).  However, it refuses to restart
if I shut it down and the code is now registered as 2112.  I think that is exactly what I wanted to
see.  So I'm thinking that I have a bad sensor (same sensor in 2 locations give 2 codes).  Do you
guys think this sounds right?

'90 V8Q


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