[V8] Untimely death of the $400 v8?? we will see tonight..

Tim Hollister grey_wolf_x at yahoo.com
Fri Nov 3 05:20:45 EST 2006

Looks like possibly the $400 v8 has met it's end. The wife ran out with it to make a quick
When she came back out to come home it wouldn't start. "it clicks but don't do anything else".
So I hop in her luxurious mini van (bleh) and run over thinking bad ign switch or something. 
get there and the starter clicks solid against the flywheel but nothing moves... great. crawl
underneath best I can in 2" of snow.. can't rotate the engine by hand either.. wtf. get it towed
home. will go out tonight after work and find out if its hydrolocked, broken belt or seized. none
of witch let the poor car live. it's possible the starter is fried, but it seemed to give a good
effort when I tried it. more to come later (after 4:30pm edt). wish me well.

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