[V8] Untimely death of the $400 v8?? we will see

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will see
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Ha!  When I spoke to Tim about this on Friday I
suggested that the  
starter gear had somehow temporarily become stuck.  A
stuck starter  
gear won't allow you to turn the motor.  Of course,
when he later  
went to start it is was like nothing had happened :-)

Of course, we really know it's the Audi gods exacting
their revenge  
'cause Tim's getting another V8 ;-)


 I agree Ingo ;-) It's like the Pearl car represents
good...& the Black (he's getting) is pure evil ;-)

 See you in a few weeks Tim...I'll call you today

90 CQ 2.6l 20vt 600whp stroker project
90 v8q 3.6 not stock..Urs8....maybe sold :-(
A pair of 93 4.2 "Green Monsters"

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