[V8] Brake Reservoir Cap - Bleeder(s) Revisited

Etdmail at cs.com Etdmail at cs.com
Fri Nov 10 09:51:40 EST 2006

 Hi All

 An old post, I thought I'd resend for an easy bleeder ..

 In the event, the ABS-Pump or gravity won't bleed the system.

 In the past - I've used a 'spare' brake master-cylinder cap
 with the correct-sized hole cut, in it's center, to accept a
 tire/rim's valve-stem .. And then used a 'bicycle-pump' to 
 supply pressurization to the master and lines.

 With the lower pressure levels there should be little worry
 about brake fluild landing on costly to repair paint surfaces. 

 Also have found the (Valvoline) Synthetic brake fluids available 
 in AutoZones, etc. .. Gives good service and leaves a slightly 
 harder brake-pedal, hot or cold.


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