[V8] Surging.... but not FPR,running temps. TCU required

Peter Littlewood littlepete_19 at hotmail.com
Wed Nov 15 09:17:28 EST 2006

Hello Everyone

My 3.6auto V8 has been suffering from surging for a while esp around 3000rpm 
under light throttle.
Replaced the FPR but this has not made any difference. Any Ideas?

Also since I have owned the car it rarely warms up beyound 70 degreesC. I 
have changed the thermosat. for a genuine unit but no difference. (is the 
car running too rich at that temp?) where is the temperature sender for the 

Finally, If there is anyone else out there that lives in the UK (or anywhere 
else for that matter)and has got  a spare Transmission control unit that 
they would like to part with please let me know...

Many thanks as always


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