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Thu Nov 2 15:32:46 EST 2006

I normaly let it go through a heat cycle at idle, or if your v8 very
gets there block off part of the radiator. I wouold check, the fuses,
when I had my 20v I was told the seat heaters nevetr worked for him, all
I did was replace a blown fuse and now I had warmth for my rear.=20

Andrew W. Schlueter
'90 Audi V8 Quattro

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No bleeding procedure I'm aware of other than to keep filling the
reservoir while the waterpump circulates coolant after the thermostat
opens.  I watch the return line to the reservoir until I can see it
supplying a steady stream into the reservoir.

At 06:36 PM 11/19/2006 -0600, Scott Simmons wrote:
>I'm certain that it's, in the least, a valve issue.  The valve is=20
>clearly warped and split open and... non-functioning.  Now, I know my=20
>luck and I'm quite aware that after I drain some coolant, install the=20
>new valve (and maybe block-to-valve hose), fill up the system again,=20
>the heater core will most certainly leak. :)
>Is there a bleeding procedure I need to do to prevent air pockets in=20
>the block??
>All my fuses at the block on the right-hand side check out good.  I=20
>think the seat heater fuse also runs other things, which I know are=20
>good.  I left the manual out in the car...

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