[V8] two ways of heat

Scott Simmons indischrot at gmail.com
Sun Nov 19 21:37:31 EST 2006

Thanks for the info regarding bleeding, but what about draining?  I plan 
on pulling the lower rad hose and letting a few quarts of coolant drain 
out.  That should be enough to get the water level below the 
block-to-core hose, right?  I'd hate to have coolant spill out back onto 
all that electronic stuff.

I stumbled across a test procedure at Chris Miller's site.  I'll do a 
visual inspection of each fuse (before I just did a test-light check) 
tomorrow .. as it will be 60 outside (with all this nice weather, I'm 
scared as to what Jan/Feb/March will bring...)

~Scott Simmons

Andrew Schlueter wrote:

>>From what I remember, the audi cooling systems do not need to be blead.
>I normaly let it go through a heat cycle at idle, or if your v8 very
>gets there block off part of the radiator. I wouold check, the fuses,
>when I had my 20v I was told the seat heaters nevetr worked for him, all
>I did was replace a blown fuse and now I had warmth for my rear. 
>Andrew W. Schlueter
>'90 Audi V8 Quattro

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