[V8] Speed Bleeders- SB7100

Kneale Brownson kneale at coslink.net
Mon Nov 27 12:46:39 EST 2006

For the record, Audi recommends that brake system bleeding be performed
with a pressure bleeder rather than by use of the brake pedal.   Glad to
hear the bleeders fit OK.  Do the metric threaded bleeders come with a
metric wrench size for opening/closing?

At 11:50 AM 11/27/2006 -0500, Scott Phillips wrote:
>After having a wonderful weather weekend for this late in the year (at
>least for the Northeast), I had a chance to install the SB7100 (all 4
>corners are this number) Speed Bleeders into the Calipers on the V8
>(UFO's & Rears). The new bleeders are a bit longer then the originals
>(5mm) but went in and work exactly as described. I was able to attach a
>hose to the nipple and into a clear container, watch (at least on the
>driver's side) as I pumped the pedal until I finally got clean fluid,
>closed off the bleeder and had a nice firm pedal. That flushed the fluid
>in about 45 min, and that included getting the old bleeders out,. The
>rear's weren't too bad as I just replaced the calipers a few weeks ago,
>but the front were a bit tougher.
>I followed the bleeding pattern from the manual RR, LR, RF, LF, RR. I
>just wanted to close the loop on the brake bleeding thread from a few
>weeks ago. 

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