[V8] Hot cams

Ron Wainwright ron_01056 at yahoo.com
Tue Nov 28 23:19:29 EST 2006

 OK, I think we should all get some more info & meet
back here soon ;-)

It's just that as dave mentioned..& I know from
talking to mark that the Scott J Spec2 cams he got
from Germany cost $2G'ish!! So a price of under $500
for the same results is just...well it has me thinking
that I don't wanna get ripped off. But I know Cran
Cams have been round a long long time..I usta own an
ol Muscle car. Dodge Charger 383 motor!!

 But I'm still trying to figure out the specs on marks
cams. he says they hit like a freight train at
3,500rpm to redline. I wish he'd chime in!!
But lets dig some more & go from there. K??

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Re: [V8]  Hot cams
I have a set of cams from both a manual trans PT and
an ABH. I wonder which is the better set to regrind,
if I'm looking for fairly aggessive bump, but with the
prospect of a biturbo setup in the future(?). 

Probably depends on which motor gets the turbos...

Either way, I'm stoked about this -- it brings me back
to the days of Scott J in chicago sending out cores to
be reground, overseas I think with a pert hefty
waiting period -- though at a +/-2k price IIRC(WIPD).


David A. Coleman
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Subject: [V8]  Hot cams

> Mike, the deal I'm talking bout goes like this.
> Tom (guy in germany) has 4.2l cams for $165US..so no
> need to send cams to Hans & Fritz in the Fatherland.
> The cams for the 4 are $800 + the $165 (cam core)
> + sea shipping $50..or add $41 for air freight $91.
> So taotal is $1,056 total.


I'm not sure I'm following this . . . what I think I'm
seeing is Tom in
Germany has a set of cams (all four) for $165, it
costs $800 to
re-profile them, and then $41 or $91 to ship them
here. (Did I get that

Does he have more than one set at this price? (I get
the impression he

>  So you'r talking bout $932 before anybody ships
> cams to Florida..& then back to the owner(s). So
> prices compair to those you have.

Not 'sactly. If Crane regrinds your cams, there's no
core (no $165) and
the cost is $432 plus freight to and from Florida - so
we're talking $500.

Remember the guy from Crane said we only *might* need
buckets - if there
are no buckets needed, the price to regrind "your"
cams is $432 plus
domestic UPS or Fedex.

If we DO need buckets, then it becomes a grand - and
the guy in Germany
doesn't mention needing them or not - if we don't need
them for him, we
shouldn't need them for Crane either. If Tom's cams
need buckets, then
the Germany price goes to $1,500 for the cams and
buckets, if he doesn't
need them and Crane's cams do, the price is
comparable. If we don't need
them with either set, Crane beats the Fatherland by
$500 and some time.

Now - I've looked in Family Album for part numbers,
here's what I found:

Exhaust cams are the same PN for all 3.6 and 4.2,
standard shift or
automatic. That tells me even if the head castings are
not the same
(didn't the bore spacing change slightly?), the cam
bearing areas are -
at least for the exhausts.

PT engines open 30.5 degrees BBDC, close 2 degrees
ABH engines open 31 degrees BBDC, close 2 degrees BTDC

Note the specs are different, even though the part
number is the same! I
guess half a degree doesn't bother them.

Intake cams are different between 3.6 and 4.2, and
between std and auto,
four different part numbers.

PT engines open 11 deg ATDC, ABH opens 7 degrees ATDC
PT engines close 28.5 deg ABDC, ABH closes 29 deg ABDC

Note the intake cam part numbers are different for
standard or
automatic, but the timing isn't! The timing changes
between PT and ABH,
but not within each engine type for standard or
automatic. (Yes, it is

Again, not a big difference, just four degrees on the
opening timing
(but that does make more of a difference than half a

Note that I do NOT have the valve lift figures on any
of these cams!
That may be the difference, I don't know yet.

> & the guy I talked to said nothing bout replacement
> buckets..& Mark W who has Scott J's spec2 cams said
> anything bout replacing the buckets.

Then it is possible the buckets don't have to be
changed with moderate
increases in lift. Recall the extra lift is found by
grinding the base
circle of the cam, so the cam followers now have to go
higher up to
contact the cam - I wonder how much leeway there is
here? Can we add
..100" without problems? How about .250" (that I

>  There are a bunch of other things that need to be
> taken into consideration.

True, true, true.

  But I'm still finding out
> the specs on a more agressive grind than the
>  3 of the cams are billit(sp?)

Should be all four . . . why should one intake or
exhaust not be billet
and the other one is?

  & there needs to be the
> same lobe seperation..or as close to stock as
> possible..but as I said there are a few things that
> need to be ironed out.

Lets try to iron them out - I'm not looking to knock
your guy in any
way, I'm just trying to find the most cost effective
way for us V8
owners to do this and blow off the mommyvans. If the
same work can be
done here, it *has* to be cheaper and faster than
sending parts overseas.

When I get the lift figures and some more information,
I'll be calling
Crane back.

Damn, and I just changed the timing belt . . . and its
gotta come off
again to swap the cams. RATS!



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