[V8] Shift console light

Intemann, Paul (GE Infra, Aviation, US) paul.intemann at ge.com
Tue Nov 14 11:22:54 EST 2006

Hey Mike,

it definitely lights up in my '94 V8.  Need to check the others ('90 & '91) to see what their story is/are ... it may be a feature that was added in later model years as an "enhancement"!!!  Who knows ...

Paul Intemann

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> I was a bit surprised that Audi might opt out of illuminating the console 
>>>even with the dash indicator.
>>>The wiring diagram shows an "automatic transmission program switch light" 
>>>Track #402 wich clearly shows a bulb.  it seems to run off the rear cigar 
>>>lighter branch.  The diagram is a bit unclear as to whether it is just for 
>>>the MES switch or the actual gear selector.

Mine doesn't light up either, and I doubt is is supposed to.

I'm thinking the light is for the SEM switch - the phrase "automatic 
transmission program switch light" dissects as follows after translation 
into English:

"Light for the switch which *programs* the automatic transmission", in 
other words, the light for the SEM (transmission programmer) switch.

If the light illuminated the shift bar in the console, it would be 
called out as "automatic transmission gear indicator light for console" 
or similar.

Always remember Ze Chermanss are Verrrry Prezeisse, nicht whar? And they 
are also very literal.

Mit freundliche gruss,

Mike Arman
90 Pearl, still terrorizing Toyota Prius's, for as long as the oil holds 
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