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Thu Nov 2 15:32:46 EST 2006

switch. It also goes to the Memory seat control unit connection D8, also =
a Red/Blue wire. It also branches off to a connector T2y, under the =
passenger side seat, also Red/Blue. The other wire in T2y is a brown, =
ground wire.=20


The final power supply comes from Fuse 44, into Q4 "plus connection =
(30), in power windows/central locking/door contact harness", then into =
T6f "Brown, 6 point, under drivers seat" terminals 1 and 2, on red =
wires. Out of Terminal 1, it changes to Red/Black. Those two connections =
go to M1 "plusa connection (30), in seat movement harness". T6f also has =
a brown wire in and out that loops (95) to (134).=20


The heated seat switches are fed from the control units, one per seat. =
The drivers side uses T6c "six point, under drivers seat". Coming in to =
the connector are Black/Yellow, Black/White, and two Brown wires. There =
is a Brown/Blue wire that loops from the bottom element to the back =
element through the connector.=20

The passenger side is fed through T6d "six point, under passenger seat". =
Coming in to the connector are Black/Green, Black/Red, and two Brown =
wires. There is also a wire Brown/Blue, that loops from the bottom =
element to the back element through the connector.

Hope this helps,

Tony Hoffman

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  Couple of thoughts ...=20
  The older seat probably has four more wires than the newer seat =
because the new one isn't heated. =20

  The Bentley wiring diagram for the seats is listed under auxilliary =
diagrams, separate from the main wiring section for specific model/year.
  For the 87 5ktq, Bentley has the "Heated Seat" diagram on pp 97.590 - =
592.  The "Power Seat" diagram is pp 97.593 - 598. =20

  I went to the boneyard today and pulled the entire wire harness out of =
an 87 5ktq heated power seat today so I have it to study and work with.  =

  David Conner

  On 12/11/06, Dave C <dconner at> wrote:=20
    Hi Tony,
    I have the 87 5ktq wiring in front of me.  There are nine wires. =20
    The chassis side plug has=20
    4 brown
    4 red=20
    1 white
    The seat half of the plug has=20
    2 red
    1 red/black
    3 brown
    1 black
    1 black/white
    1 white

    One of the chassis side red wires turns to a black/white wire on the =
seat side.

    One of the chassis side brown wires turns to a black wire on the =
seat side.

    David Conner

    On 12/11/06, Tony and Lillie <tonyandlillie1 at > wrote:=20
      The four red wires are all power wires, off fuse # 44 in the =
original Aux
      relay panel. I don't have a 100 manual, so I'm going to have to =
check on the=20
      actaul seat wiring colors. I do have the V8 schematics, let m =
eknow if the
      wire colors are the same as what I describe. The brown wires are =
      grounds, BTW.

      Tony Hoffman

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      Subject: [V8] Seat swap, type 44=20

      > I'm in the middle of swapping power seats from a 1991 100 into =
an 87
      > 5ktq.  Basically
      > trying to do what the knowledgebase describes here...
      > =
      > The electrical plugs for the driver seats are different.  This =
is the plug
      > with the fat red,  brown and white wires.  These appear to be =
the main=20
      > power
      > and ground wires, some of which feed the passenger seat.=20
      > The older car has a square plug with nine wires.... 4 brown, 4 =
red, 1
      > white
      > The newer car uses a brown plug with five wires... two brown, =
two red, one=20
      > white
      > Could someone advise me re: the simplest way to make the =
connection?  The
      > KB
      > writeup is good but glosses over this part.  I'm afraid I'll =
screw it up
      > or=20
      > at least make it more difficult than it needs to be.=20
      > I'm thinking of fabricating an adapter harness ... splicing an =
old style
      > square plug to a new style rectangular harness plug.  This would =
allow me=20
      > to
      > connect the new seat to the old car without cutting the wires.  =
But I'm=20
      > not
      > sure of my ability to match up the wires properly.   I think =
only one red
      > and one brown wire are feeding the passenger seat.  Does it =
matter which=20
      > red
      > and brown wire feeds the passenger seat?=20
      > Any advice would be much appreciated.
      > thanks,
      > Dave C.
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