[V8] rack&pinion...auto trans

Tony and Lillie tonyandlillie1 at earthlink.net
Sat Oct 7 16:30:24 EDT 2006

There is no connection between the two. If the trans isn't working, it can 
be somewhat simple, or can get very expensive. Do you have any specifics as 
to what the trans does wrong?

BTW, the rack job isn't significantly different than on a 5000/100/200. I'd 
say the car should be pretty cheap at this time, as you can find very nice 
ones in the $2500-4000 range.

Tony Hoffman

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>I have a question about the rack & pinion.  This may seem like a dumb
> question to you V8 guys... it sounds strange to me, but I'm a 5 cyl guy,
> haven't been around a V8!
> Someone near me has a 1990 V8 for sale, says it needs a rack & pinion, and
> goes on to say something about it can't be driven because the rack is
> somehow connected to the auto trans. That sounds strange to me, that there
> is actually a hydraulic connection between the steering and the tranny. 
> So
> I'm coming to the experts.............you V8 guys...for an answer.
> I appreciate it...................trying to decide whether to check out 
> the
> car more...or stay with my 5 cylinder quattro's!
> thanks much
> John Gourley
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