[V8] Ugliness

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I like reading your lengthy but entertaining "reports".  I don't know if u
knew this.  Not many people do.  BUT, you CAN get a VW W8 Avant Passat with
a manual transmission (if that is you cup of tea for your new vehicle).
Thankfully, the automotive world is swinging back that way again. However,
most of the cars with said "option" r either sterile or to much money.  Me
personally, I will stay with my old cars for many years to come.  My v8 just
finished a MAJOR overhaul.  And then the engine blew.  Oh well.  No big deal
really as I am putting in a 4.2!!  With a 5 speed, that will be fun.  My cq
is getting an AAN.  I am NOT doing that one.  I don't have time to do both
the V8 and the coupe, plus finish a major restoration of my 108 chassis
mercedes.  My wife commented to me today how "ageless" my V8 and coupe look.
She saw an A6 2.7t and remarked how much better my cars have aged.  This
shocked me a little considering she drives a 2006 A4 sport.  I constantly
have people walk up to me asking if my coupe is some new Audi model.  They
are shocked when the find it it is nearly 17 years old.  Anyway, regardless
of what u end up with, I hope it is a suitable replacement.


PARTING:  1972 Mercedes Benz 280 SE 4.5
PARTING:  1986 Audi 4000 CS quattro

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> Date: Sun, 8 Oct 2006 08:33:51 -0400
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> Subject: Re: [V8] Ugliness
> Ah, yes. The Aztec.  The automotive answer to the question never asked, and
> another testimonial to just how brain dead General Motors management really
> is.
> That thing is SOOOOO ugly, that I had forgotten all about it.  A sort of
> cranial anesthesia that I can apply when my sensitivities are so bruised
> that I simply can't go on....much the way I feel about the Republican Party
> at the moment, but I digress.
> Nope, I have not found the replacement for the Black Mariah yet.  I haven't
> even found the concept to replace it with, although right now there is a
> reasonably yummy '91 200 20Valve Avant (White over Black) in La La Land that
> is the best of the crop on the market as far as I know. The guy has sent me
> a history and a bunch of pictures....its a pretty nice example of a Colorado
> and California car, but then he mumbled something about TEN THOUSAND
> DOLLARS, and although I didn't delete the emailed information, I became much
> less enthusiastic.  About 140,000 miles on it.  Now it that car had, say
> 105,000 miles, I might be more inclined to open the other eye.
> Right now the reigning candidate for the Black Mariah is an 03 or '04 VW W8
> Wagon. Or another 200 20Valve....AND right now, I can be exceptionally
> patient.
> Roger
> Oh, another thing in my Audi world.  After a search I found a set of Fuchs
> wheels AND pretty nearly new Dunlop tires for sale. Right diameter, right
> offset and in Maine!  Go figure.  Wheels are really nice, and the seller
> claimed less than 2000 miles on the tires.  I think he was right.  Right
> price, too.  Bought em.  Despite being 205/60 15, the fit right onto my
> wife's 100CS Avant Quattro, and now, eventually, I can think about having
> her oem five spoke wheels restored....maybe.  I was apprehensive about the
> whole thing, but lucked out and these are good ones.
> Roger
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